Breakthrough in Regenerative Medicine

Unlimited supply of transplant-ready islets


Lab-grown islets for transplant

Seraxis Islets mimic native islets from a human pancreas

Seraxis produced islet
Native Pancreas Islet

Seraxis has effectively produced islets which are identical to native pancreas islets.

Seraxis produced granules
Pancreas granules

Seraxis Islets secrete insulin and glucagon like a native islet

Glucose Concentration
Glucagon Secretion

Biphasic response to glucose demonstrates Seraxis islets have mature islet molecular machinery

Seraxis islets respond to Tolbutamide and Diazoxide the same way a native pancreas does. These are two common drugs that are administered to diabetics to regulate insulin secretion.

Reliable production of stem cell-derived islets

  • Large-scale manufacturing yields reproducible, consistent batches of islets at 95-100% purity
  • No cell sorting or selection necessary
  • Clusters contain 60-90% insulin-secreting beta cells
  • No use of viruses, no integrating plasmid
  • Never exposed to serum or any animal products
  • Favorable risk:benefit ratio due to lack of tumorigenicity and high potency
Seraxis Islets

Seraxis islets are derived from an immortal “iPS-variant” line that was created by Seraxis from a human islet. This line is proprietary, patented, and stored as a cGMP compliant master cell bank.

Unique source of human islets

Unlike Seraxis, no group has ever published

  • reliable production of stem cell-derived islets at more than 30% purity without physical non-scalable selection of individual cells
  • production of pure islets (with insulin, glucagon, and the other pancreatic hormones) from stem cells that is not contaminated by non-pancreatic cells
  • consistent production of pure, high-potency islets from stem cells (embryonic stem or iPS cells) in scalable, large-format closed culture systems
  • achieving these goals without the use of serum, animal products, and other non-defined reagents

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